A raw, traditional, enzyme-rich, gluten-free, vegin and non-gmo fermented tea


It Is All About The Taste!


It has been well documented that Kombucha is a healthy drink, with plenty of probiotics, antioxidants and many other good things for you – but if it doesn’t taste good, you won’t drink it.  It has to be delicious and fun to drink.  That is why our logo says, “JOY IN EVERY SIP.”

Gayle’s Kombucha is delicious and very approachable with complex and refreshing flavors.   Gayle is constantly experimenting with unique flavors and combinations and always gives her drinkers something fun and new to try.  Gayle personally selects each of her ingredients to assure that she uses the highest quality without cutting corners.

Her kombucha remains raw and unpasteurized, so the precious living enzymes are in there.  There are no preservatives and is never heat treated.  It is hand crafted and made in small batches.  She chooses organic and locally source fruit and spices.

To learn more about the history, health benefits and brewing of Kombucha – CLICK HERE!

Taste My Kombucha

Attend one of Gayle’s Kombucha Tastings.  You can taste all of Gayle’s flavors for free and find your favorite flavor


The following are Opportunities to Taste Gayle’s Kombucha:

Attend one of Gayle’s Kombucha Tastings.  You can taste all of Gayle’s flavors and find your favorite – or maybe your favorite 3 flavors


The following Establishments provide FREE TASTINGS of Gayle’s Kombucha:

Broken Axe Brew House, 1 East Bald Eagle Street, Lock Haven, PA   (Free Sample of the flavor that is currently On Tap)

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Tasting with Gayle Under Tent
Gayle in conversation