What Others Are Saying -

Margo – I’ve had your kombucha every day since we’ve been home and I’m loving it!  I’ve really enjoying the Blueberry and Grape but the Pineapple Jalapeno is my favorite.

Rebecca – Gayle’s brews are less sweet and more true to the fruit and kombucha favor.  In a world of overly sweet and fizzy beverages this is a joy to drink for the palatte and your health.

Tim – Just had the pleasure of trying Gayle’s Strawberry Rhubarb Kombucha.  It was perfection.

Rachel – The Strawberry Rhubarb is my favorite.

CJ – Gayle’s Kombucha is the best I’ve tried!  The prices are awsome and Gayle goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service

Katie– I have diverticulitis and I knew kombucha would heal my colon.  It has live enzymes and probiotics in it, which is just what I needed to heal my insides.  It tastes good, and I always look forward to drinking Gayle’s Kombucha.  It has good flavor and I will definitely continue to buy my kombucha from Gayle.

Kelley – Best Kombucha!  Ginger Peach and Blueberry Lavender are my favorites. Haven’t tried them all but I hope to.  If you enjoy kombucha, you will love Gayle’s.

Cindy – I am enjoying Gayle’s Strawberry Rhubarb Kombucha right now and it is so good!  I just happened to stop at my neighbors produce stand on a day when Gayle was there offering samples.  I was looking for a healthy drink alternative and kombucha is so good for you.  I highly recommend it.

Jess – I love Gayle’s Kombucha! Haven’t found a flavor I didn’t like!

Marilyn – In the past few days my stomach has been irritated and I just thought today, “How I wish I had Gayle’s Kombucha!”  Gayle’s tastes great compared to the other store bought.  I purchased 2 brands, paid close to $4 for 16 oz. and only took one sip.  It tasted terrible!  I still have the bottle, I would drink Gayle’s Kombucha over it any day.

Tori – I like Gayle’s Kombucha.  I felt a difference in my overall health the first few weeks that I stated to drink it.  I would definitely recommend buying it from her.

Jessica – Came to Diamond Square and Deli and I noticed Gayle’s Kombucha.  It was a must try.  I’m glad I did!

Mitzi –  I got the black raspberry today.  It is delicious! Not too sweet, just right!

Blake – Hello Gayle! This weekend I had a son who lives in State College buy me some of your kombucha.  I had him get me Strawberry Rhubarb. I enjoyed it.

Blake – I want more now! But I do have a particular palette.  I’m going to have my son pick me up at least 3 bottles of the Strawberry Rhubarb.

K.E.M. – I love Gayle’s Kombucha because it makes me feel good when I drink it.  On two separate occasions, I have woke up with a sick stomach, and after drinking it, I was completely better.  I will continue to buy it from her.

Dawn – I used to take probiotics in pill form.  Liquidis better absorbe by your gur, thoufh, and Gayle’s Kombucha has a lot of probiotics and raw enzymes.  It tastes good too, and doesn’t have the vinegar flavor that the store other store brands do.