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It all started when a friend gave me a glass of her home brewed kombucha.  As they say in the movies, “it was love at first sip!”

She had a 2-inch-thick beautiful SCOBY to show me.  She gave me half of the SCOBY to take home.  I didn’t know what to do with it so I let it sit in a jar in a dark corner of my cupboard for several months.  I did some research, found out how to ferment it and started making it in my kitchen.  Making Kombucha is a lot of fun.  It turns on my creative talents

I took the results of some of my early experiments to work and passed it around to my coworkers.  They loved so much that they asked for more.  I brewed more and bottled it up in quart canning jars for them.  That was my entry into the kombucha trade.

My husband / business partner and I began this journey in early 2018, when I said to him that I had this great desire to sell something.  He asked what I wanted to sell?  When I told him kombucha, he replied back, “What is kombucha?” I proceeded to educate him of the wonderful tastes and health benefits of kombucha.  He signed on.

I have been making kombucha since 2017.  We didn’t officially go commercial until February of 2019 after spending 6 months constructing our PA Department of Agriculture approved commercial kitchen in our home.  During this time, I kept experimenting with flavors to see what was delicious – and what was not.  I still keep experimenting!

It has been a journey with a long learning curve for us.  Through it all we have met many wonderful people along the way.  I enjoy meeting people at the retail stores, the coffee houses and restaurant/pubs that sell our kombucha.  It is a special treat to meet people and share my love of kombucha at the “Tastings with Gayle” events that I hold in Central Pennsylvania.  Keep watching the Opportunities to Taste Gayle’s Kombucha section on our home page for where I will be holding tastings – plus where you can get free tastes at anytime.  Connect with me on my Facebook page.

     Gayle Miller
     Gayle’s Kitchen Creations, LLC


Gayle’s Kitchen Creations, LLC

20 Shady Lane, Jersey Shore, PA 17740

(570) 419-4372

See newspaper article about Gayle’s Kombucha 

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